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Feuerkogel, the sports resort

High above Ebensee
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Leave the valley behind you and get a little bit closer to heaven – metre for metre, with the cable car. When the valley is all too cloudy, just go up the mountain and find fine weather on the summit. As if by magic, the Feuerkogel with its high plateau is clad in bright sunshine. Sport freaks and those looking for quietude will find their oasis up here on the mountain.

Where is the Feuerkogel?

The Feuerkogel is located on the eastern rim of the Höllengebirge which lies between Lake Traunsee and Lake Attersee in Upper Austria. The mountain with a proud height of 1,592 metres above sea level lies west of Ebensee and is also accessible from here with the cable car. Located on the south shore of Lake Traunsee, the Feuerkogel is a landmark which cannot be missed and is a popular day trip destination for guests from near and far.

In good weather, you can see as far as the Dachstein glacier.

Above the clouds

The Feuerkogel, also known as Upper Austria’s most sunny spot, will await you with a view that is simply stunning. The panoramic view will reach from the Dachstein to the lake region, the Traunstein and numerous other summits. In the middle of the Salzkammergut you will experience true mountain pleasure, cosy huts and many sports opportunities in summer as well as in winter.

Holidays on the Feuerkogel

Tranquillity or action?
Leisurely hiker or downhill junkie, family or climbing pro, the Feuerkogel will become a playground for everyone who loves life on the mountain. Those who are looking for a kick, venture onto the via ferrata to Alberfeldkogel or unpack their paragliders. Hikers also often choose the Alberfeldkogel with the Europe cross for their destination. A tour to the Großer Höllkogel or to the Riederhütte is more challenging. You can cross the whole Höllengebirge starting from there.

Feuerkogel in winter
Inwinter, the Feuerkogel becomes THE ski mountain in the region. Modern lifts, family-friendly slopes, snow machines and inviting huts will give you everything that you need for skiing. There is also a ski school, the children’s area “Franzi’s Drachenpark” and an inexpensive ski rental service. Alternative winter lovers can look forward to snow-shoe hikes and ski tours.

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